Schwinn Indoor Cycling Bike

Are prices the same as buying straight from the manufacturer?
Yes we are getting the bikes directly from Schwinn at no additional markup to the customer.

Is there a warranty and servicing?
2 years warranty on the bike itself. Pedals and seat have a 90 day warranty. All maintenance and servicing will be handled by the official Schwinn team. We will connect you to them the moment you receive your bike. We have worked with them for several years!

Will the bike be delivered to me? Is there a shipping fee?
Yes, this will be delivered to you directly at no extra charge within MM. If outside MM, additional shipping charges will apply. No international shipping. 

Why do I have to pay a deposit?
We can only process your order after the deposit has been made. The deposit is non refundable.

When will I know my bike has arrived?
We will notify you via phone or email when your bike has arrived to finalize your balance and confirm your shipping.

What pedals come with the bike?
The bike comes with a dual SPD & cage pedal. You will need SPD cleats for your shoes with the inclusive pedals. Electric uses Look Keo cleats.

Should you prefer to use Look Keo pedals and cleats, you can purchase Look Keo Pedals and Cleats from us and we will coordinate with Schwinn to install the pedals on your brand new bike before delivery. Note that the Look Keo pedals are only compatible with the IC Classics. Please e-mail us immediately if you want to purchase this as we have limited quantities.

Will the live workouts be available after the class?
Not this time. We want to bring the Electric feels into all our digital classes so the workouts will be conducted live via Zoom. It will be a chance to have the face time we need right now so we can cheer each other on. Plus, we'll be there to assist you with your form and modifications.