I, for myself, all other legal guardians, and heirs of the minor participant above named (the “Minor”), represent, acknowledge, and agree as follows:

I am the legal guardian of the Minor, and I have the competence and full legal authority to execute this Minor Participant Waiver. I understand that waiver applies to all classes of Purefitness, Inc, whether such classes are conducted in-studio, or online live or on demand (the “Classes”). I understand that the minor rider will be exposed to certain risks and dangers that are involved in participating in the Classes and Offerings, whether in-studio or in the places where the Minor accesses the online live and on demand classes. I acknowledge that some of these risks (such an injuries, unexpected product malfunctions, and the like) cannot be eliminated despite the care taken by Purefitness, Inc., the minor rider, or myself. For Online Classes, I understand that the minor rider will be performing these exercises independently, and not under the control and supervision of Purefitness, Inc. I represent and warrant that Minor will be under my care, and I will personally supervise the Minor’s participation in his/her participation in the Online Classes. Furthermore, I am solely responsible for ensuring that the environment and surroundings where the Minor performs the exercises are appropriate and suitable for the purpose’ and that the Minor’s participation in the
Online Classes does not pose an additional risk to him/her, myself or those in our surroundings. 

For the minor participant’s participation in the Classes, I agree to assume all risks and full responsibility for any and all injuries that the minor participant may sustain or aggravate in relation to his/her participation in the Classes or use of the Facilities. Furthermore, if, in the subjective opinion, of Purefitness, Inc. the minor participant is unfit to participate in the Classes, I understand and agree that the minor participant may be denied access to the Classes until I provide suitable proof, at my sole cost and expense and as required by Purefitness, Inc., of the Minor’s fitness to participate in such. 

Further to the foregoing, I hereby release, indemnify, and hold free and harmless Purefitness, Inc., its shareholders, directors, officers, employees, instructors, agents, representatives, and each of their successors and assigns from any and all responsibility, claims, actions, suits, damages, costs, expenses, or liabilities, to the fullest extent allowed by law.

I represent that I have read this Participant Waiver and I fully understand its terms, and I acknowledge that this waiver contains a surrendering of certain legal rights, including the right to sue Purefitness, Inc. I represent that I am signing this waiver on behalf of the Minor, and I do so freely and voluntarily, further undertaking to assume all risks by virtue of the minor participant’s participation in the Classes. The term of this waiver shall be indefinite.

I have read, thoroughly understand, and agree to, Purefitness, Inc. Terms and Conditions/ Terms of Service, agree that myself, the minor participant, all other legal guardians, and heirs are to be bound by it, and I, as well as the other legal guardians and heirs of the minor participant. I further undertake to keep ourselves appraised of any of its amendments or revisions.

The Purefitness Terms and Conditions/ Terms of Service are incorporated into this Agreement, and the capitalized terms shall have the same meaning as the Terms and Conditions, unless the Minor Participant Waiver or context requires otherwise.