Bike Rental FAQ

How does it work? How do I know if I will get a bike?
Subject to availability and delivery constraints, after you complete your purchase, we will endeavor to deliver your bike and equipment, contact free and sanitized! We will also email you if we require further information. If we are unable to deliver, we will issue you a refund immediately.

Can I choose which bike I will get?
You will get a Second Gen or Next Gen bike depending on your proximity to the studio we are delivering from.

Can i rent a bike for less or more than 30 days? 
We are currently only accepting bike rentals for 30 days. Will let you know prior to when your rental period ends if we are extending the program. 

How do I join the cycling classes? Is there a limit to the number of classes I can join?
There's no limit - you can join as much classes as you want. As long as you have an existing All Access Unlimited pack you can experience ALL our Electric classes. Yep! That includes Live Zoom and On-Demand Indoor Cycling and all our other classes (Boxing, HIIT, Strength, & Flow)
If you got a bike from us, your Zoom package will begin the day after your bike is delivered. If you are buying the class package only, it will start immediately upon purchase.

How long are the classes?
Classes will be at least 45 mins long.

Will the workouts be available after the class?
Live Zoom classes won’t be available after class but don’t worry, thanks to On-Demand we got our signature Electric rhythm-based classes such as Indoor Cycling, Boxing, HIIT, Strength, and Flow, all in one site for your convenience!

Is there a maximum number of people that can join each class?
Nope! But don't worry, once you sign up, we will email you tips on how to have the best experience on our live Zoom classes.