Ready to Ride & Box outdoors, Team Electric?
To get you ready for your Electric Outdoor class, here’s all you need to know.

 Safety Precautions 

We are going the extra mile to make your Electric Outdoor experience fun and safe for you, Electric fam! Wearing masks will be optional. 

You will be asked to bring your personal hydration and towel. For Early Access pass holders, you each get your own bottled water.

REMEMBER! If you are not feeling in tip-top shape, give your Electric Outdoor class a pass so you can keep yourself and others safe. Should you need to cancel, scroll down to know how we can work that out for you.

 Arrival Time 

30 minutes before your class. Check in at the Electric Front desk (near the entrance) so we can give you your cycling shoes and you can keep your personal items safely with crew. Class will start promptly so give yourself time to check in. First time? Fill out our First Timer Waiver in advance here.

 What to Bring 

Just yourself, a workout towel, and your water bottle. Wearing of masks will be optional. 

Should you need to use the toilet, you can use the toilet located on the same level

Worried about the sun? For those doing the 4:00 PM Ride with Raisa & JK and 5:00 pm Shadowbox with Jason & Gex, don't worry there will be a roof over our heads. But of course, feel free to wear sunscreen and a hat to protect ya from the sun!

 On Your Way Out 

We promise you'll leave with endorphins to last you the whole week! Enjoy your free snacks and refreshing drinks after class.

 Photos and Videos 

While we encourage y'all to go crazy on your posts, taking videos of the entire class is strictly prohibited. IG Story snippets are cool! Don't forget to tag @electricstudioph and use the hashtags #electricatletica #electricoutdoor2022. We’ll have our official photographer capture every second of this milestone and, yes, we will def share pics with you!


In the event of rain, don't worry there will be a roof to keep us covered. In the event of a storm signal, we will have to cancel the class for safety reasons. We will individually email or call you by Friday afternoon if the weather is unsafe. 

 Can I Stay After Class? 

Sure, feel free to cheer your friends on! However, please keep distance from the actual bikes and/or mats so we can keep the experience special for our fam and friends.  

 Up to When Can I Cancel? 

Electric cancellation and late policies apply. You can cancel until 5pm the day before class. If you choose to cancel, we can easily convert the value of your slot to an Electric Home package or In Studio classes. If you are late for class, your slot will be given away.

How to Reach Us: You can reach us at 0917 714 4478 on the day of class.