AVAILABLE FOR METRO MANILA ONLY. Shipping will begin on Dec 19. Scheduled every Tuesday, Thursday,  and Sunday of the week to ensure safety for all.

Frequently Asked Questions

How heavy is the Electric Rhythm Boxing Freestanding Bag?
14 kg

Do I need to use Boxing Gloves and Wraps?
Yes, we highly recommend that you use Boxing Gloves and Wraps to protect your wrists and your hands. The Electric Rhythm Boxing Freestanding bag operates like a heavy hanging boxing bag. 

What is the bag made of?
The outer material is durable leather, inside is rolled foam, and the base is made of molded hard plastic with rubber suction cups.

Will the bag come assembled? What tools are included?
Yes, the bag will be delivered to you assembled. Included in every order are spare suction cups and a wrench to tighten any loose screws.

What surfaces should the base of the bag be placed on?
The least porous surfaces are the best! Here are our recommendations in order:
1. Tiles (indoor or outdoor)
2. Wooden parquet flooring
3. Linoleum (has to be fixed to the floor)
Note that the bag won't stick on non polished or treated cement, even with a weighted base.

How do I maintain the bag?
Just clean and wipe your boxing bag after, using Electric Studio Yoga mat/equipment spray or water and a towel. Tighten any screws if they loosen using the tools included.

How can the bag benefit my workout?
It will definitely make it more challenging, since you're using the bag (with gloves and wraps) as a form of resistance.

My height is less than 5 ft., can I still use the bag?

What are the bag dimensions?